Finally a good reason to do waywt images

Peasant is sponsoring a “best of waywt” bi-weekly contest at Style Forum… not that $50 can get me much of anything from Peasant, but it’s still cool… good reason for me to continue taking my daily waywt photographs and cross-posting them to styfo… heh…

This is the official announcement of the Styleforum “Best of What are you wearing now” contest, sponsored by Peasant Online (

Voting will take place every two weeks. At the end of a two week period, Brian and Karissa of Peasant and I will narrow the field to 3 of our favorites, you guys will vote (the voting period will be 3 days), and the man (or woman) with the winning outfit will win $50 Peasant dollars, to be used as you wish; and the winning outfit will be featured on Peasant online. Peasant will contact the winner with details.

The first contest period started yesterday evening, and will end 12 a.m. March 5, 2007. Start posting if you haven’t all ready.

Style Forum – Peasant for Styleforum “Best of What Are You Wearing Now” Biweekly Contest

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