Miz on wabi-sabi and denim

Finally subscribed to another superfuture member blog, miznation, good shit… I love this:

i love going to vintage clothing stores and looking at the wear on jeans and other types of clothing. you can imagine someone young like us wearing these jeans a long time ago, having the same feelings of love, excitement, dissapointment, ambition, etc. the original wearer of the jeans are probably old now but their jeans are like a snapshot?as good as any old polaroid?of how things were, how beautiful youth is, how fleeting.

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2 thoughts on “Miz on wabi-sabi and denim

  1. miz

    hey ayn,

    i’ve been a fan of your blog for a while. it really amazes me to see how talented some fellow superfuturians like yourself are. makes me want to try out new things like photography and graphic design. thanks for the shout-out, man. keep up the great work with everything that you are doing! -miz

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