new stuff from Alternative Apparel for 2007

So I just got the latest alternative “magalog” in the mail:

I own a ton of basics from alt app, they are great, with my wholesale account they are cheap and last much longer than AA (american apparel)… I have yet to check out the stuff from Base Control, they seem good too, but I don’t wanna have to go through a shopping service just to get basics…

Sherry and I are definitely gonna pick up a ton of alt app stuff for spring, here are a few selected items I really like…

motorcycle tee:

conductor tee:

destroyed tee:

conductor crew:

the babe cap:

houndstooth headband!!

the balboa (but in olive plaid or black houndstooth):

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One thought on “new stuff from Alternative Apparel for 2007

  1. Kyle Tornquist

    I do love some of their stuff they have, but the only thing that bothers me is my tees that I have from there stretch out really bad after I wear them like once. I don’t have that problem with the American Apparel stuff.

    I love the shirts you posted up though. Very nice.


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