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So my 45rpm Jomons finally got here from Japan! Yes, it seems crazy that I picked up yet another pair of denim, but I actually ordered these before the other stuff… I’ve blogged before that I was considering getting the Jomons when I’m done with the Diors 19cm’s. Pretty much I was lusting after a pair of natural indigo jeans, so I narrowed down my choices to the Pure Blue (PBJ) AI-001’s, the Jomons, the Oni purple selvage, and other stuff like the Sugarcane natural indigo stuff… I decided to go with the Jomons mainly because on the fit; they are slimmer than the rest of the stuff, plus I was very curious about the 45rpm brand, I must admit. I asked Sherry to check them out for me at 45rpm store in Taipei, only to find out that they did not carry them at all in Taiwan as they were too “high-end” (yeah man, WTF?!). Also NOBODY, at least none that I know of, around SF got a pair for me to look at either. So I decided to just go ahead and order a pair from 2000dB, a member on SuperFuture who is in Japan now, and he can help us cop shit there and ship them over here for a small fee. These jeans are quite a bit cheaper in Japan than at their NYC stores, I would definitely recommend getting them through 2000dB instead of ordering them from their U.S. website. If you live in NYC then it’s different story, coz you’d be able to try them on and stuff, which is probably worth the extra money. I also heard 45rpm fixes their jeans for you for life, I’m not so sure about that though.

2000dB has been sick so it took a little while to get these, but they came in today. While I was waiting for these the whole Levi’s fiasco happened and I had to cop a few contrabands before they change their designs… So now I went from not owning any true Japanese denim to having 4 pairs in like 2 weeks, not bad at all… 🙂

I got the Jomons in 29, basically sizing down by 1 is the recommendation from the 45rpm thread at superfuture, and they were dead on. At first the top 2 buttons were hard to do and my right thumb hurt from doing them, but now they are fine, still tight and snug at the waist, definitely tighter than the Oni Blues in 29, about the same as the Fullcount 1108’s in 29, and not as tight as my Iron Heart 634S-B in 31. Yeah, Iron Heart’s got Levi’s sizing or something, you should get at least +1 of your true waist for the 634S.

I’ve only had them for a day so I can’t really say much about them, the color is very different than any other jeans I’ve seen before. It’s a super deep blue, these were hand-dyed 24 times so that is expected. Let me just copy-and-paste the description from their U.S. online store:

Jomon refers to the Paleolithic Period in Japanese history, and the denim we feature here is made with the intention of producing fabric with a slubby handmade quality. We use 100% organic, handpicked Zimbabwean cotton. Ring-spun thread, hand-dyed with Ai, Japanese natural plant indigo 24 times, and woven on slowed down vintage shuttle looms producing selvage fabric, all add to the unique characteristics of this denim. This is a unisex button-fly jean, and the fit is very straightforward. One of our straightest and somewhat slim fits.

Oh yeah, one-wash is definitely the way to go over raw. I had to soak 3 pairs of jeans last week and it was a lot of work.

Some quick snapshots of the Jomons… first, shot of the care package from Japan…


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7 thoughts on “R by 45rpm Jomons

  1. ayn Post author

    hi poly,

    thanks man… they’re definitely very interesting, I almost feel like I don’t know enough about denim to truly appreciate them… I’m looking forward to your impressions of your Oni purples… 🙂 You will have the Ai-001 and the Oni’s, might as well get the Jomons as well for completeness no? 🙂 I think Evisu got some crazy slubby and expensive naturals too…

  2. Kyle Tornquist

    Do you soak all of your denim? I just got my imperials in…should I consider doing that? They are pretty tight so I am trying to stretch them out right now.

  3. ayn Post author

    I believe the Imperials are sanforized so you don’t have to soak them. I don’t soak my sanforized denim (dior homme, apc, nudies), but for the raw unsanforized stuff, I soak them before I wear them.

  4. shinobi2000

    How much did you save by getting them from Japan? I live in NYC but I was thinking maybe I could use the store to find my exact fit and then order that fit through Japan? What do you think? Did you say you already had the AI 100s? Who was the one on the board that was devoted to wearing them down? I dont have enough time to work on mine.

  5. ayn Post author

    go in there and figure out your size, but true waist minus 1 should be good. the saving is about 200 bucks, so you decide if their service and staff are worth the extras… I don’t have the AI-001s, poly does…

  6. synthi

    Beautiful write up and pics ayn, my pair from Japan arrived just this week so nice to hear your thoughts 🙂


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