Levi’s made me do it

So those of you on superfuture would notice that I’ve been buying up some contrabands… these jeans are the shit I’ve always liked, but I only like to work on a single pair at a time to get maximum wear in the shortest amount of time, so I had planned to buy them one by one when I’m done with a “project”… But Levi’s is f’king making me buying them all, which is cool too, I’d just store them and look at them. So far I’ve copped, in chronological order, a pair of Oni Blues from Blue In Green, a pair of black overdyed Iron Heart from Self Edge, and a pair of Fullcount 1108 from Earth Market on Rakuten. Earth Market rocks! I placed the order last Saturday evening after I tried on Damon’s worn pair when we all met up at Self Edge that afternoon. The jeans got to my office on Wednesday, it’s at least 2 days earlier than I expected them to show up. I have another pair coming in, and then I think I am pretty much done with buying Japanese denim for now, well, maybe the Samurai S710XX19oz. I tried very hard to buy a pair of Sammies at Self Edge but I really didn’t like the fit. For now I’ll just look at Sherry’s Geisha’s when I need my Samurai fix, oh man they are so nice… 🙂

They are all so different in terms of denim and cuts and fit, I like the Fullcount 1108 the most, they are also single-cropped Zimbabwe cotton, good shit! The Oni is very very slubby, which is cool too, I hope they won’t stretch out too much, after 2 hot soak and drying in the dryer on high heat, they fit snug, not tight like how my APC and 19cm were. If they stretch out by an inch I will be okay, any more, I will have to put them up on supermarket.

Pics are posted at my Flickr, here are some randomly selected ones:

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2 thoughts on “Levi’s made me do it

  1. Tiffany

    OH…. MY……. GOD….

    I don’t know if you will believe this, but:

    I own 1 pair of jeans. ONE!

    Adriano Goldschmeid. The best fit ever (for me, anyway).

    I have never met anyone obsessed w/ jeans before! Haha!

  2. ayn

    hi tiffany,

    nice… AG makes some of the better jeans among the more mainstream “premium denim” lines… good choice… 🙂 I only wear one pair at a time too… 🙂 I copped these because of the whole Levi’s lawsuit thing…


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