Sugarcane Union Star

I am going to quote Blue in Green’s website on these jeans:

The newest addition to the Sugar Cane denim lineup is the Union Star Jean. In July of 1965 Toyo Enterprise, parent company of Sugar Cane, was commisioned to make a limited run of jeans for the U.S. Military PX. At that time Toyo Enterprise had been producing Aloha shirts for the PX but this order marked Toyo’s first entry into the the production of denim jeans. In recognition of this event in Toyo’s history Sugar Cane has released the Union Star Jeans. The denim is that of 100% Double ring-spun Zimbabwe cotton and includes details such as iron-made buttons, deer leather patch, and redline selvage.

The fit is very relaxed, I think it’s cool, but definitely not something I’m used to. For some odd reason the area like 2 inches below the waist felt extremely tight, like the part right above my ass was very comfortable when these on. Maybe I would have to size up even more to a 31″.

They are available now at Self Edge in San Francisco and I think at BiG in NYC also.

pink pocket selvage!

showing off just a little bit of it on the sides

Crazy nice ‘cane buttons!

SC rivet

hidden rivets

Top huge SC button

Union Star tag underneath right backpocket

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