How Imperial Dukes and Kings look like

If you wonder how Imperial denims fit like, here are some pictures I was able to snap of myself in all 4 variations of colors and styles. Notice these were brand new raw jeans so they should look significantly more fitted and just look better in general after maybe 2 weeks of wear. 🙂 btw a TON of thanks to Richard T. of Yelp for the help in assisting me with these pics, having him here to help take these was FAR better than doing it all by myself using the timer.

Imperials Dukes Raw Black

Imperial Dukes Raw Indigo

Imperial Kings Raw Black

Imperial Kings Raw Indigo

Imperial King Raw Indigo

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4 thoughts on “How Imperial Dukes and Kings look like

  1. Kyle Tornquist

    Hey man, I saw the link of SF and had to check it out. Amazing pics and just what I needed. I love the belt, but what is it exactly? Also, if you are familiar with sizing, what would you suggest for these because these seem to fit you perfectly. One last thing, what is your favorite cut/wash? Thanks!

  2. ayn Post author

    thanks, the belt was by LGC, cheap and awesome. I ordered it unstained and untanned, put that in the comment box when you place your order. Get like -1 or -2 of your true waist. For reference, I wear 28 APC NS, 29 RRDS, but I think I could do 27 APC NS and 28 RRDS now. I wear 28 Dior Homme 19cm japanese, 30 ‘canes Okinawas and Union Star one-wash, 29 Fullcount 1108. All of those Imperials were in 29. My favorite Imperial cut, hard to say, I like both the Kings and the Dukes, I like the black ones a little bit more than the blue ones. The dukes are a tighter fit, slimmer, the kings are straight with a slight bootcut, both are nice, it really depends on how you like your jeans. Hope this helps.

  3. ayn Post author

    The inseams are 38″ on these, they’re very long, but I could rock the Dukes with a single cuff and just let it stack, it’s a good look coz it’s pretty narrow and I think maybe even a bit tapered. The Kings, yeah, need to get it hemmed, the hems on these jeans were not chainstitched to begin with so you can hem them anyway. Self Edge will have chainstitching next month or in March, they got a Union Special machine, but is in the process of setting it up and getting it working with a local off-site tailor.


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