all expenses paid trip to NY fashion week

man this is too cool, no way I would get picked, not even gonna try…

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If you?re dying to get to NY for Fashion week then check out Brizo, who are looking for bloggers to report ? via blog and vlog posts to be published on the Brizo website – not only on fashion week but on industry events which they sponsor in 2007. To apply you have to answer some questions and it looks like only one blogger will be selected for fashion week, however they do state that applications will be kept on file for future events. Sounds like an excellent opportunity?..

The questions are:

  1. Name of your blog(s):
  2. Tell us a little bit about your regular blog(s):
  3. Do you have experience in video blogging? If so, tell us about this (supply links if you can!):
  4. Do you have experience in photo blogging? If so, tell us about this (supply links if you can!):
  5. Do you have interviewing experience? If so, tell us about this (supply links if you can!):
  6. Why do you want to cover Fashion Week?
  7. How do YOU see faucets fitting in with the fashion world?
  8. Who is your favorite fashion designer, and why?
  9. Please tell us how you would generate interest in a Brizo fashion blog?
  10. Do you have any interest in covering Brizo events beyond Fashion Week?
  11. Are you able to commit yourself to a week in NY covering Fashion Week?
  12. Please submit the URLS of three posts from your regular blog:
  13. Please provide us with the number of weekly page views and weekly unique visitors to your blog.

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