alumni event at the Googleplex

Just got back from the alumni event at Google, it was alright, not too exciting, and not too lame either… I actually met some people I haven’t seen since I graduated, so that part was cool… Also got to talk to some current students and picked up a few resumes and cards. What is up with the security at that place though, it was terrible, I felt like I was in a prison or something… I still managed to snap some pics with my Treo…
Here SCS Dean Randall Brant was giving us an update on the recent constructions and developments at the school:

The new (to me at least) CoLab:

upcoming constructions to get rid of the old student center and the parking lot and random buildings behind Wean:

In the bathrooms at Google they had some unit testing programming brain teaser, no I didn’t bother reading it, heh…

Looks like some peeps live there:

break room area and pool table (not pictured), I might get into troubles by posting this coz the very nice security dudes did not like what I was doing…

Oh yeah, somehow I won a 5.5g 30gb black iPod! heh, best use of a business card ever! Obviously, I have a 60gb and a Nano already so this is going straight to Craigslist and if it doesn’t sell there, eBay… you’re welcome to make me an offer, I’m thinking maybe ~200 bucks? It’s BNIB and super awesome yo! (UPDATE: it’s been sold, CL rocks!)

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