well, iPhone is disappointing

It’s crazy how many IMs/emails and people stopped by my office and went “you seen the iPhone?”, of course I have, that is just a f’king stupid question… It actually has most of the features I wanted, with the exception of corporate emails and OTA PIM sync with corporate accounts (like Exchange) and high speed wireless connection like HSDPA or EvDO…

From what I heard Cingular still sucks (and believe me, I really really wish this isn’t the case!), those who likes it prolly live in metropolitan areas with lots of towers and never gets out of it, I’d like to be able to make an emergency phone call if I get stuck on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere…

Exclusive contract and shit, looks like I will be waiting for like the 3rd gen iPhone that works with Verizon… If Apple’s previous new products were any indication, this thing is gonna be buggy as hell…

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3 thoughts on “well, iPhone is disappointing

  1. seoulfully

    come on man.. it’s going to be dope. Cingular… meh… I’m locked into them anyways, but I don’t have a problem with the service… (= I was surprised it didn’t support HSDPA. I have no idea about PIM sync. It was announced that it’d pull contacts, etc. I’d just assume it’d pull from address book, ical, etc. not that I use any of that. It’s certainly not a corporate level smartphone. More a multimedia phone. But the double touch interface is dope. My biggest two concerns were battery life (at least based on specs given, pretty good) and form factor (namely size, but it’s essentially the size of my slvr + 1/2″ in width). Oh and my other concern wasn’t specifically about the iPhone, but just a general gripe that I prefer tactile response to button presses. Touchscreen definitely doesn’t offer that.

    Pretty excited about the Airport (even though it’s still overpriced) and WAY bummed no iSight announcement or updates/upgrades/replacement.

  2. ayn Post author

    I meant OTA sync, I know it would sync with iSycn when you plug it in like iPods would, but I need better than that… I need my work calendar sync over-the-air to my phone… having no highspeed wireless absolutely sucks, but at least their rendering engine should be much faster than that of the Treo so maybe it would still seem faster loading pages…

  3. ayn Post author

    about the new Airport Exteme, it is disappointing too, no AirTunes optical audio out and the ports aren’t gigabit…


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