Laura Compton got some people mixed up

That was NOT me who said those things, I wasn’t wearing Earnest Sewn and that wasn’t me in the picture. 🙂 And I don’t have the RRL’s…

Also, Damon was NOT wearing RRL’s either! He was rocking a pair of black PBJ-005’s.

UPDATE: exchanged a few emails with Laura and she fixed the errors in the article, thanks Laura!

SFGate: Culture Blog! : Show us your jeans

Andrew Ng (below) was wearing Earnest Sewn (“they’re pretty good with the predistressed”), although he, too, has the Ralph Lauren style, picked up for the bargain price of $60. “In the past year, I’ve bought six pairs of different jeans — black, gray, etc. I try to make them all different. Half of them are dry, half of them are washed.”

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