Superfuture party at Self Edge SF tomorrow

Been counting down to this since Self Edge opened! This is gonna be a sick party… I am on the RSVP list, and I f’king want that Sugarcane bandana, so I’m gonna camp out tonight… (no I am not serious)… Since now the party is open, if anyone in the bay area wanna check out some sick denim and come hang out with us SuperFuture hardcore denim peeps, stop by, you will find me in some 3-month-old DH 19CM’s… Most likely I will be there with my camera…

Self Edge X Superfuture 001.SFO Party and Meeting – Page 5 – superfuture :: supertalk

The RSVP list has been officially closed, BUT..
we decided to make it open to all because it wasn’t sitting well with me that i was turning away so many people..The bonus for those on the RSVP list is.. if you’re on the list and you’re one of the first 40 people to arrive you get a free limited Sugarcane Bandana sent to us directly from Sugarcane just yesterday.
Probably the coolest bandandas i’ve ever seen… which definitely means something considering i don’t like bandanas normally.

We also have a Superprize to give away, not announced until Saturday night..

Please bring your destroyed denim to share with others or any rare items you have in your collection.

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