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Just checked out Endless, Amazon’s new site that sells shoes and bags with free overnight shipping. Looks like it uses the same engine that powers Amazon’s main site, just different skin. Great concept, and I love quick shipping and Amazon in general. But I checked out their offerings and they are really not all that great. The bags they sell suck, but then Sherry and I are kindda bag snobs. Their shoes are okay, Zappos has way better selections. I saw some Evisu kicks that are kindda cool. They have stables like AE, but their prices are quite high, I’d just go to Nordstrom for that, they have better prices and even better return policy.

It would be a lot more interesting if they sell high end bags and shoes with free overnight shipping at really good prices. 😉 was built by in response to customers’ desires to shop a destination dedicated to shoes and handbags. Our site is built for these categories, and the passionate customers who shop them– this is our focus. We are a unique store that offers our customers the ability to find what they want easily and we deliver it as quickly as possible– reliably and securely. We take our shopping seriously–our staff is dedicated to providing the best possible experience, and our passion for shoes shows.

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