Happy Holidays, Wii, shopping, and random updates

Haven’t blogged for a few days, I did manage to catch up with most of my feeds and shared a few items in GReader… We didn’t do much for Christmas, just ate at a different restaurant every meal (as usual), played Wii, and shopped, well, we did a lot of shopping…

The Wii is a ton of fun, we only have Wii Sports, which came with the console, and The Legend of Zelda. Wii Sports is fun, I like tennis, bowling, and boxing. 😀 It is actually pretty good exercise playing Wii, I’m dead serious. I workout quite a bit, run about 5 miles per day and do weights 3-4 times a week, my shoulder and back were sore after playing some tennis. I bought Zelda because I was looking for games to buy for the Wii and it was rated very highly at all the gaming sites. I am not really into gaming, I guess the Zelda series is cool and people out there actually cop the Wii just to play this game. Sherry and I played it, the first task was to herd some goats into the barn, we could not f’king get any of them to go inside the barn. We even googled some strategy guides and it just told us to go to a place so that the goat will be between the barn and me, and it will go in there when you go closer toward the barn. We tried that and the goats always went to the side and went away last minute. (would appreciate any tips, please comment!)

We were pretty excited about boxing day shopping, I made a list of places I had to go shop and I think we hit them all. First stop was Bloomingdale’s and we were there almost sharply at 8 a.m. I finally copped the Number (N)ine jacket I’ve been lusting after for months. That thing is ridiculously expensive and I caught it at 40% off one weekend, but it was still too high. Today It was marked down by 50% and there was a 15% coupon, I applied for a Bloomie card and got another 15%. After all this it was under $1k, pretty damn good deal. 🙂 Sherry didn’t cop anything special, just some random stuff from Zara and Club Monaco. Neiman had a ton of bags on sale, including A LOT of Balenciagas. They didn’t have the motorcycle bag marked down, but there were a ton of other styles for cheap. Nothing really caught her eyes though, plus she just copped a Bottega bag like 2 weeks ago so her bag fund is probably not real high at the moment. The shoppers at Neiman rocked some nice shit, we saw at least 2 Balenciagas and a lady there even had a Hermes Kelly bag (at least I think it was a Kelly, the Birkin is bigger, I think)… Most of the Dior Homme stuff at Neiman were marked down by at least 50%, but all that were left were in bigger sizes like size 52, didn’t have anything that fit me.

For about a month I had been trying to decide between a Bottega and Goyard messenger bag. They are both not cheap so I had to be absolutely sure before I pull the trigger. I would also want to customize the Goyard bag with initials and/or stripes so those would’ve been even harder to figure out. I still couldn’t quite justify spending $2.5-3k on a messenger bag, although I would really use it every single day probably for decades to come, still not easy to justify. We went to the Bottega pre-sale and the messenger bag was not marked down at all, and Goyard never puts anything on sale either. Today at Neiman I spotted a really nice messenger bag by Mulberry, it was on sale and marked down additional 25%, I tried it out and it was pretty f’king dope, so I said f it, cop the Mulberry and forget about the BV and Goyard. I am pretty happy with my decision right now. 😀

Oh yeah, coincidentally both the jacket and the bag sport RiRi zippers! M6 on the bag and M8’s on the jacket! I like shit with RiRi zippers… 🙂

Tomorrow I will be in Vancouver for a day. My uncle left us last week and I am going to pay my respect at his funeral. He was a very good man and he will be dearly missed. RIP, Dr. Wong.

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