This is a great alternative to giving some b.s. gifts to your friends and family, not to mention last minute gifts to those who are impossible to shop for…


About ChangingThePresent – How it works


Many of us don’t need any more fruitcakes, toasters, or pen & pencil sets. Buying unwanted presents just isn’t a fulfilling way of spending our money or expressing our love.

It’s no surprise, then, that the media has reported the beginning of a trend. People are discovering that the best way to show you care for someone isn’t giving them something they don’t need, but rather in doing something to make the world a better place, in their name.

If you make such a donation gift through this site, you can also have us send a personalized greeting card to let them know how thoughtful you were.

Be sure to create your wishlist so your friends know what you want, and ask them to do the same.

Just imagine how much good we could do by capturing for effective nonprofits even a little bit of the $250 billion that Americans spend each year buying presents for one another. As this site catches on, it will become the standard way many of us will show how much we care. If you’re here now, you’re at the front of the pack.

Finding Donation Opportunities

You can browse by cause to find over a thousand donation opportunities. You can search by name to find hundreds of nonprofits, and see their offerings. Soon, you’ll be able to search by name to find and support virtually any nonprofit. (If you would like to see your nonprofit on this site, please go to the page, For Nonprofits.

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