Thanks to Amazon now we’re getting a Nintendo Wii!!

So I told Sherry to put her name down to get a Wii, the probability was like 1 in 28, not bad, but not good… I didn’t get picked, but she did! But I’m still not sure if it will show up before Christmas. Obviously we have Amazon Prime and upgraded to 1-Day shipping for 4 bucks, but still, they might not ship on or before Thursday… I picked up The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on PriceGrabber and she copped Excite Truck from Amazon… I think we need another pair of controllers…

Sherry’s list of things… » I got a Nintendo Wii…

Andrew told me that Amazon was having a promotion where you can sign up for a chance of purchasing Wii. And I got it!!

I never win anything, this is really really exciting…. Now I’m just waiting for it to get here. I love Amazon!!

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2 thoughts on “Thanks to Amazon now we’re getting a Nintendo Wii!!

  1. seoulfully

    this is awesome. haha, better hope you get the redesigned wii strap… you have to go find a spare remote and nunchuck though (maybe even 2 nunchucks as i’m not positive it comes with one). be care swinging that thing near faces! (=


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