Photoshop CS3 is nice, and FAST!!

So finally downloaded Adobe Photoshop CS3 Beta, took a long time to install, but once it’s installed everything is nice and speedy. It runs A LOT FASTER than CS, my pervious version. (I never saw the need to upgrade to CS2).

The new Camera Raw is much nicer, Bridge works much better than the photo browser in CS. I haven’t done much in it, but here are a few things I’ve noticed so far:

  • SPEED! CS3 is fast! Even on my PowerBook G4! It runs much faster than CS. When I used Sherry’s Core 2 Duo MacBook I notice a nice speedup from my PowerBook G4, so I bet CS3 now would SCREAMMMM on the Intel Macs. I’m kindda glad it doesn’t crawl on my G4, otherwise I would definitely have to get a MBP… Now I’m not sure if I would really need to upgrade… But it’s of course too early to tell
  • Liquify filter now works in 16-bit mode! And it’s also quite a bit faster! (yes, I can’t get over the speedup, it’s f’king awesome!!)
  • My custom shortcuts are gone, which is annoying, I’ll have to set them all up again…
  • My actions were gone, but I used Spotlight to search for “actions palette.psp” and it found it right away, very nice!
  • to hide CS3 you still have to do ctrl-command-h, which is still kindda strange to me

Here’s a photograph of model Melody I processed quickly to try out CS3… didn’t do anything special, just some minor skin clean-up, channel mixer conversion to black and white with mostly the red channel, liquify filter to enlarge the eyes and to make the face smaller and longer, USM (unsharp masking) sharpening with 2 different settings, downsize and sharpening again, frame & sign.


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