By now it’s all over the blogosphere that Apple took the iSight off from their online store. I kindda noticed this last Saturday when I searched around for one on Amazon. I bought one from a guy at Cafe Sappore, our neighborhood coffee shop in North Beach. He upgraded his PowerBook to a MacBook Pro and no longer needed it. I had always wanted an iSight, but buying 2 of them was quite a bit of money considering you can get like a 8MP digicam for less. But I got Sherry a MacBook for x’mas and it had a built-in iSight, I had to get one for myself so we can do vid chat when I’m in south bay during the week. I suspect A LOT of people now want iSights as well because their family and friends are getting new Macs with built-in iSights.

Apple probably took them off at a pretty bad time, I think they would’ve sold quite a few of them this holiday season, HAHA!

Now the iSights are going for more than full price on eBay, pretty insane. This is actually quite typical of Apple products, it’s amazing really. Like when we parted out Sherry’s iBook G3 when it was replaced by Apple with a G4 free of charge, we found out that the Airport card (non-Express) for the G3 was no longer available anywhere, and used ones were commanding almost full price on eBay!

Now that CS3 beta is out maybe I’ll upgrade to a MBP and sell the iSight, I copped mine for 70 bucks, great deal really… 😆

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