more on CS3 and unviersal binary

I was reading the discussions on the CS3 post at AppleInsider, I was gonna reply but forum user Chucker posted exactly what I would’ve said… Ming just picked up a MacBook Pro and he’s been running CS2 on it, emulating PPC binaries, and he said it is not slow at all.

Public beta of Adobe Creative Suite 3 may boost Mac sales – AppleInsider

  1. Anyone with half a clue easily saw the writing on the wall that CodeWarrior was going away, especially when Motorola didn’t even put any effort into PPC970 support.
  2. Apple had been recommending people to move to Xcode Tools for many, many years.
  3. It is perfectly possible to compile a Universal Binary without Xcode. All you need is lipo, which Xcode calls into anyway, and two compilers (duh).

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