digital_denim’s Samurai contest denim pics

SuperFuture has a denim contest in which 30 people from all over the world started rocking a pair of limited edition Samurai S0500XX on November 1st, 2006. In a year they will compare results and there will be an open voting on who got the dopest wear. The winner will get a free pair Samurai.

The contest denims are super nice, very stubby, thick and heavy, and they’re made with special Texas cotton. The jeans in the contest are a special batch, but Samurai also made them for general distribution. I tried them on at Self Edge and they were awesome… 2000dB is getting a website up and running, it will have blogs and pics and stuff, there is also a thread on SuperFuture with pics and updates.

digital_denim, contestant #2 from San Francisco, gave me his contest jeans for a proper photoshoot. These got about 1 month of wear on them. I tried my best to capture the wear and the details of the jeans… The following is an embedded slideshow of the pics. (If you are looking at this in an RSS reader, most likely you will have to view this post in a web browser to see this slideshow). Enjoy!

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