my condolescenes to the Kim family

This is truly sad news for the tech community… RIP, James…

Thank you for your Support

12/6/06 – 1:15pm – The authorities have confirmed that James Kim was found. They have reported he did not make it.
The friends and family respectfully request that the media refrain from contact during this time to allow us time to be together as friends and family in peace.

A statement for the media –

“The friends and community of the Kim family are deeply saddened by the news received today about James Kim. We want to send out our utmost thanks to the Search and Rescue teams who risked their lives in the efforts to bring James back to us, they are true heroes to risk their own lives for a stranger. As friends we know that we did everything we could to help in the search for the Kim family, which is our only comfort now. We thank the Oregon authorities, the media, and everyone who sent us their thoughts and prayers for their support through this very difficult time. Please continue to keep Kati, Penelope, Sabine and the rest of their family in your thoughts.”

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