Flickr new feature: Camera Finder

Saw this from Flickr Blog, pretty cool. I think they have this feature at pbase and I liked it. Like I could find random pictures taken by a particular camera, even a particular lens. It was semi-useful when I was shopping for lenses… 🙂 Flickr should also display lens info in EXIF and allow some kindda auto-tagging camera and lens info, or somehow make them searchable…

See the most popular cameras on Flickr, search by camera model, check our macro, portrait, night and action shots from each model, see the trends for camera usage by manufacturer and find reviews and pricing information – it’s like a whole, um, camera finder on a web site! If you’re curious about the capabilities of a new cameraphone, how good the little point and shoots are going or what people are using the latest digital SLRs for, it’s a pretty fantastic resource.


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