dior homme 19cm 1 month update pic

Here’s a cameraphone pic of my 19cm at a month, rocked every single day… They really show more wrinkles than actual wear. I posted this to the DH thread on SuperFuture and got quite a few PMs with questions, so before you post questions here are the details on them jeans (of course if you wanna know more feel free to ask in comments):

  • tag size is 28, blue raw/brut/dry/unwashed 19cm made in Japan
  • never hemmed, so inseam is original at 36″, IIRC
  • copped at dior homme in beverly hills (talk to Cort or Sean if you call them, great guys)
  • measurements after a month: 16.1″ waist, 6.75″ hems
  • no starch

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