Sherry got her first dry denim… :)

At Self Edge Sherry got the Samurai Geisha’s, def dope denim quality and very very stiff, the details are amazing… She’s still getting used to the fit, they’re def not something you’d see rocked on girls, well maybe in Japan you’d see some… As usual I took a ton of pics, even on SuperFuture I don’t think I’ve seen pics of girls rocking these…

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5 thoughts on “Sherry got her first dry denim… :)

  1. seoulfully

    dope for sherry. tell her I think they look great. it’s a nice change from girls wearing the uber-skinny jeans that are so in vogue right now. from the front, nicely fitted on the thighs and loose on the calves. the back fit looks weird to me. almost like the jeans are hiked way up her butt. probably more a testament to how skinny she is than anything else.

    haha, they’re going to take a LONG time to break in i think. not being tight and all. they look dope though.

  2. ayn Post author

    yeah the fit does look weird but I attribute that to the stiffness of the denim, fresh APC or Nudies didn’t look that dope on guys when they first put them on either… And these are way stiffer than the RRDS man… not sure if it would take long, if she can rock them almost every day it should be ok coz the denim is stiff and pretty stubby, so looks like they would fade nice and quick… we’ll see, part of the appeal of denims “projects” is the uncertainty of how it would turn out…

    quality-wise them Geisha’s make my denims crap, now my next pair has to be some serious Jap denim… Self Edge is collaborating with Sugarcane to make a pair of selvage denim cut like Dior Homme 19cm, and I think it will be available in black also, I think I’m gonna put my name down on a pair of those for sho… shit man…

  3. jon

    that sounds like it would be pretty cool. hard to imagine a denim of that stiffness cut that close heh. your pictures of self edge make me jealous! guess i will have to come up from LA soon and check it out.


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