Finally made it to Self Edge

We tried to go there last week twice but got there too late both times, we went to the Cliff House today for brunch and went straight to Self Edge today, I’m in lust with the Iron Heart jacket, great fit and it’s like the doppest denim jacket I’ve seen. The sleeves were half an inch too long so I didn’t get it (well, it’s also not cheap and non-selvage, which is a slight turnoff for denim at that kindda price range)… Snapped some pics of the store, I really like it there, Kiya and crew were real cool and very chilled and laid back…

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One thought on “Finally made it to Self Edge

  1. seoulfully

    is that top jacket the jacket you like? for moto style jackets long sleeves are pretty standard. it’s a dope jacket though.


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