updated Rancilio Silvia from Chris’ Coffee

I got this newsletter from Chris’ Coffee:

First there is a NEW Rancilio Silvia on the market and Chris’ Coffee Service has them in stock as of today. The NEW Silvia has an adjustable expansion valve, different group, different drip try cover, and is POD adaptable. We will have images of the NEW Silvia up on our site by the end of the week, which will show the NEW features. If you are in the market for a Silvia we are offering a $50.00 discount with this Discount Coupon Code 5000. Simply order on line, enter the code, and receive an instant $50.00 discount on the NEW Silvia.

Now, POD adaptable? That is pretty lame, my previous cheapo KRUPS machine was POD adaptable, I even got some Illy POD to try it out, and it tasted like shit! (well actually Illy tastes like shit in general)

The adjustable expansion valve is a welcomed update, he said that grouphead was different, but didn’t say if it would be an E61-ish grouphead or not. Still no temperature or pressure gauges, or a heat exchanger, so if you’re looking to get a Silvia, then sure, wait for the new version and use that discount coupon to get 50 bucks off. But for those of us who already has one, a real upgrade would be to a machine with an E61 grouphead, a heat exchanger or dual boilers if you make milk drinks, and preferrably with a rotary pump.

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