TiVo Series 3 for $680

I would be really pissed if I had bought it for $800 within the past 2 weeks… I’m still holding out for HD, mostly due to laziness, plus I’m not home a lot, a SlingBox w/ OSX support would be a lot more useful to me right now, I guess I could get S3 + SlingBox Pro to stream HD…

Who: You
What: TiVo Series 3
Where: TiVo Community Store
When: Until Sunday
How: Code word TCDEAL
Why: Because $680 is better than $799

Dealzmodo: TiVo Series 3 $680 – Gizmodo

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3 thoughts on “TiVo Series 3 for $680

  1. dan moore

    Yeah, but the slingbox doesn’t *really* stream HD, it just uses it (even 1080i) as a better source for SD streaming.

  2. Marc

    Well, for better or worse, I just went and spent $680 on a Series 3 (15% off coupon to the TiVo Community Store).

    I’ve had TiVo for years and although I could probably ween myself off it and use something like Media Center or MythTV, I think my wife is totally addicted to the TiVo interface.

    It seems like all the free DVRs from the cable companies have been getting pretty bad reviews everywhere I look, so I’m thinking that it might be worth it to go with the TiVo.

    We’ll see. I’ll be posting about my Series 3 when it arrives.

  3. ayn Post author

    Marc: nice! do let us know how you like your S3 when it arrives! I’m jealous… I am pretty sure I’ll be sticking with SD for now, don’t really watch that much TV and I don’t watch sports… I’ll be getting the SlingBox AV though…


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