Seriously fast speed from Comcast

I moved into my new condo last week and I got Comcast to come out to transfer my services to the new condo yesterday, the previous tenant never had cable installed so the stuff was never hooked up. The Comcast guy spent more than an hour hooking everything up, from hooking up the stuff in the garage to installing connectors and stripping cables in my closet where the star-network convergence point is. Maybe coz all the connections are new and clean (no rust), I’m consistently pulling around 9Mbps downstream! this is insane coz I used to live right downstairs (one floor down, same unit) and I never was able to get more than 4Mbps, never! Pretty damn happy with the speed. I am actually never home that much to use it, and I have EvDO when I’m out. I don’t do any Bittorrent stuff or anything, but it’s nice when there is a huge OSX software update or for downloading podcasts…

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