No search function in Google Reader? Seriously?

So I read about the improvements in Google Reader in a lot of the feeds I’m subscribed to over the past week or 2, I tried it long time ago and didn’t like it. I think one of the Mac related blogs like TUAW or something even had an entry on switching from NetNewsWire to Google Reader. So I decided to give it another try. And I like it! But, there is no easy way to search all my feeds in there. WTF?! I just find this a bit odd especially coming from Google, they got good search features in Gmail in the very beginning… hmm… Maybe I’m just an idiot and couldn’t find the search input box and button?

I also tried their mobile edition on my Treo 700p and it works pretty well, with the large number of feeds I monitor it takes forever to read them on a phone though. 🙂

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