Finally, a denim store in SF worth spending my money at

Got this in my inbox today:

hey andrew, i just read your review for the Blue Jeans Bar in sf and wanted to let you know that i’m opening Self Edge in san francisco next month. i think you’ll be into it.


Looks like the same fine folks behind TurfSM will be opening a denim store in SF this November, from their website I saw Iron Heart, Sugar Cane, Samurai, and Nudies… Would be nice to have PBJ and Oni too, but that’s a great stock list to start with!! It’s located at a nice area too, close to Ritual Coffee and Shoe Biz and stuff… oh btw, Ritual has some crazy fast wifi, maybe coz they’re on, but I went to speakeasy’s speed test and got some insanely high speed when I was there last time… 😉

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