AMEX Depature mag article: Where’s the Logo?

Simon Doonan, the debonair creative director of Barneys New York, believes most of us rather like the idea of having something few others have?and that fewer still even realize we have it. “Ultimately those embellishments become markers of prestige,” he explains. “It’s subtler than putting a logo on, but in the end it’s the same. People respond to them because there is a certain knowingness in wearing them. It implies, ‘I’m a connoisseur about my purchases because I’ve recognized this detail.'”

Very true, most of the stuff I wear or use is pretty obscure and very few people around me would notice, but when I run into somebody who does notice, it’s cool… Like a few of the people in line at Recon when the Alcatraz dunks dropped noticed the Spruce and a few even asked where the heck I got it from…

Where’s the Logo? | Departures

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