The Perrin “shorty antenna” on my Evo finally got stolen

Well my Evo’s Perrin “shorty antenna” got stolen, it was bound to happen, took almost 2 years for it to get stolen, so not bad… I am pretty sure it was taken when the car was parked at the Sunnyvale Caltrain station last night, Sherry had to go to SF to do some stuff and car was parked there til like 21:30, I didn’t notice it was gone until tonight at around 9 when I walked to my car at my work garage.

Good thing she removed my Valentine One from the windshield, otherwise I would probably be looking at a broken windshield and stolen Valentine One, that would cost a lot more than a Perrin antenna… Whoever stole it also knew exactly how to remove it and didn’t cause any damage to the base or the paint, so not bad at all!

Just ordered another one from LancerShop, hehe, should be hear next week…

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2 thoughts on “The Perrin “shorty antenna” on my Evo finally got stolen

  1. seoulfully

    i’m not into the evo scene, are these things that much a target for thieves? i wonder why.

    but very lucky no damage to the car.

  2. ayn Post author

    well, it’s just that these antennas get stolen left and right for some reason, a lady at my condo with an S2000 got hers stolen several times… The Perrin is kindda a nice looking antenna, haha…


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