Bob Davis’ bracelet resizing tools

Both my Speedy and SeMP’s bracelets are slightly too loose, instead of bring them to a jewelery repair shop to resize, I decided to DIY it. After a bit of research, I found Keith Downing’s recommendation on Bob Davis’ resizing tool, it looks super easy to use and with shipping it’s only $20 or so, so I ordered one and it came in today. Here’s a picture of the tool from Bob’s website.

With this I resized both bracelets in no time, this thing is awesome!! The cost of getting one bracelet resized you can own your own resizing tool! Next time I’m gonna pick up his spring bar tool, coz it was a pain to change straps on my RXW MM20 after I changed the screw-in bars to spring bars… 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Bob Davis’ bracelet resizing tools

  1. seoulfully

    nice man… it’ll come in handy when the speedy reduced gets in.

    btw, why did you go from screw bars to spring bars on the MM20? i don’t own one, or a panny, but i always liked the concept of screwbard (my fake panny has them.. heheh)

  2. ayn Post author

    because the screws go loose all the time!! I actually lost one, and lucky the pin was so freaking long that I didn’t lose the watch!! I noticed screw missing when i was at a restaurant… Order screws from Ken Trading costs about the same as ordering the custom made springbars for the MM20 so I went with those instead.

    btw the Reduced has deployment strap, very nice! 🙂


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