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I like the sensor and the dust cleaning thing. I like the new 50/1.2L also!! It will make a badass portrait lens for the 1.6CF bodies. I think I’m still gonna hold out for a full frame body and the 85/1.2L though.

Here’s a quick glimpse at what’s new in the Rebel XTi/400D, relative to the camera it replaces:

  • It produces 10.08 million pixel photos from a 22.2mm x 14.8mm CMOS sensor
  • The sensor cover glass includes a piezoelectric device designed to apply dust-clearing ultrasonic vibration during camera startup, shutdown or manually at anytime
  • The camera can create a map of any stubborn guck not removed by the sensor’s self-cleaning action and embed that into JPEG or CR2 metadata. Digital Photo Professional v2.2 will be able to apply the dust map for one-step removal of unwelcome dust blobs from pictures
  • Rebel XTi/400D autofocus is the same 9-point system used in the EOS 30D (and EOS 20D before that)
  • The twin LCD displays of the Rebel XT/350D have been replaced in the Rebel XTi/400D by a single 2.5 inch (diagonal), 230,000 pixel, 160 degree viewing angle TFT rear LCD
  • A sensor beneath the viewfinder eyepiece detects when the camera is brought to your eye and shuts off the rear LCD automatically (the lone rear LCD is the entry-point for almost all basic settings except exposure mode)
  • Burst depth is a Canon-specified 27 Large Fine JPEG and 10 RAW CR2 frames
  • The Rebel XTi/400D is the latest Canon digital SLR to incorporate a Picture Style menu for extensive control over colour, contrast and sharpening, including the ability to turn off sharpening of in-camera JPEGs entirely
  • The camera offers an extended range of printing controls when linked to a compatible Canon photo printer

Rob Galbraith DPI: Canon announces 10MP Rebel XTi/400D

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One thought on “EOS 400D

  1. Portrait Photography

    Hi Rob,

    Thanks for featuring the Canon Rebel XTi/400D on your page.

    I think this one cool gadget is a must have for both pro and amateur.

    It offers an extended range of printing controls such as direct red eye correction and index printing.



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