A.P.C. new stuff dropping soon!!!!

A.P.C. is def one of my favorite clothing companies, I’ve been working on a pair of their New Standards for 4 months now, they’re freakin awesome… Sherry just copped a pair of (fairly) skinny jeans from Diesel, they are not selvage though. I think the cut is called the Liv, the wash is undistressed – not raw but close to it, feel kindda like the 3-wash selvage RB6… They look dope, next pair for her is gonna be some super skinny jeans from APC…

I’m def gonna cop the military style jacket from APC when it gets colder, I tried it on at Nom de Guerre and it was a very nice fit… 😉 I’m still pissed that I didn’t get to their sale early enough, they had it for half price!!!


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