do you know the make and model of your cellie?

This is scary coz not only do I know the models of all the eight phones I’ve had, I also know the makes and models what most of my friends and family use… to the point like the v3c is different than v3m and stuff… LOL! and I don’t even hang out on HoFo all that much; I only go there when I switch phones…

We can understand your phone’s model name slipping your mind. Heck, we’ve even confused the occasional Nokia 6680 with a 6682. In a study commissioned by consulting group LogicaCMG, British research firm Ipsos MORI has found that 49% of surveyed users feel the pain, unable to recall their phone’s model on command. More frightening, though, is that full 9% of folks don’t know the model or make of their piece.

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