Korean food

After a long day of Nordstrom anniversary sale, we went to our favorite Korean place and tried this hot pot thinggie (not sure what it’s called), really good stuff:

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4 thoughts on “Korean food

  1. seoulfully

    looks like dohk-buk-ki to me (rice cakes cooked with various veggies, primarily onions, maybe some noodles, egg, and hot sauce). so so so tasty. they sell this stuff on the street (like hot dogs in the states) in korea…

  2. seoulfully

    hah, i could be wrong, but that’s what it looks like in the pics. but my description reads like what’s in the pics. i love me some DBK. it’s good stuff. and relatively easy to make at home (though i never do bc cooking for 1 sucks and it takes way too much effort to do).


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