I’ll see if I can cop a pair this Saturday… (RECON/NORT SF Clerks Pack Dunk Hi)

Update: COPPED! Lined up at around 8:30 yesterday, RECON/NORT opens at 11, so not too bad. The first-in-line dude went there at 3am. hardcore! (but nothing compared to the Stash release, I hear people started queueing up on Wed!!)…

Found a video (which needs to be rotated!) of us on YouTube, it was taken by one of the dudes who works at Recon…

They didn’t have size 8.5 but I fit in an 8 just fine, Sherry picked up a pair in 9, we’re trying to decide to offload them now or wait… So far they’ve gone for around $190 on eBay so tempted to flip them now… Make me an offer if you’re interested… will save us the hassle and paypal/ebay fees and you some money… 😉


Dope colorway, and we have to be in SF to show Sherry’s apartment to potential roommate, and her place is within walking distance to Recon/Nort… 🙂

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