Getting the Evo ready for track season

I’m gonna bring the Evo to San Rafael Mitsubishi this Friday to get diff and tranny fluid flush, brake/clutch line flush with Motul 600, and a free oil change. I just found out my car has “free maintenance”, but it doesn’t cover fluid flush until 30k miles.

I also got a K&N drop-in air filter coming in, and I need some new front tires as they are worn down to the wear bars (again!). After that my car should be ready for the track. 😀 I should probably get some dedicated track wheels and tires, coz these Advan A046’s only last about 1-2 weekends and they’re crazy expensive.

It really sucks to be without my tools and a garage.

SRM has been highly praised at the NorCalEvo forum, and they have a “speed shop” next door that carries good stuff like WORKS products. I’ve talked to a few of the SRM guys on the phone and they were all Evo enthusiasts, and best of all, they are very mod and track-friendly.

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  1. Ronnie

    Sekonic L558/Minolta Flash Meter VI

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