How to add Flickr banners onto sites like MySpace and Friendster

So you use Flickr and you built your cool Flickr badge, you’re all ready to show it off at your MySpace profile, only to find out that most of these sites don’t like JavaScript (nor iframes), mainly because whoever created these site didn’t really know what they were doing… Here’s a way to display some of your Flickr pics dynamically at these sites:

  • go to Organizr and tag some pictures with a unique tag, I use “”
  • if you don’t already have a account, get one
  • view your Flickr pics by tags, and click on “slidecom”, (the direct URL will look like, it should display a list of pics tagged with “slidecom”
  • near the bottom of the the page there should be an RSS feed link, copy the URL
  • go to, paste in the URL you just copied
  • It will then generate the code you’d need to display these pics at your MySpace page

So, now when you tag your pics with “” at Flickr and they will show up at your Flash photo banner, obviously, to remove pics just delete the tag. Unfortunately there is not an easy way to batch-remove tags at Flickr at this point.

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4 thoughts on “How to add Flickr banners onto sites like MySpace and Friendster

  1. steve

    hi, i seem to be having a problem generating the code i need for my site.
    i followed your instructions up to the point where it says go to, but it keeps on saying there is a
    problem reading my URL feed. can you help?


  2. ayn Post author

    I wrote that post years ago. The stuff at Slide probably has changes since. They’re more of a social apps company than widgets company now. I would look into WidgetBox to see if they have a widget you can use.


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