Where to shop for denim in NYC

Nice, sounds like NYC finally got a place to get jeans in the same caliber as Denim Bar in DC… Samurai and SugarCane, not bad, not bad!

I just stumbled upon one of the craziest Denim stores in Manhatten. It just opened like 2 days ago!!Anyway, they carry Samurai, Sugar Cane, and Oni Denim. I’m sure there are some other obscure brands too, but all are premium straight from japan.The name of the shop is ‘Blue in Green’Located at:8 Greene St.(Bet. the Cloak store and Canal)I don’t think there is even a sign up or anything cause the place is so new.One more thing, the owners name is Yuji – tell him Brett, from DressCodes, sent you.Happy hunting and shopping…

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