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I mentioned in my previous blog entry that I am only install Skype as my IM client on my work laptop, so when I need to chat with friends who are too lazy to get onto Skype, I use Meebo, and it works pretty well, now they even support chat history if you create a Meebo account… I checked out their blog and foud this thing called Meebo Repeater, it works kindda like a p2p repeater that bounces your traffic between one another and finally to Meebo’s server… So if your company blocks Meebo at the firewall, you can get to it via these repeater nodes… pretty cool idea, I don’t need it coz I use an SSH tunnel to my own Squid proxy, but some of you guys might want it… I also like how they told you what they integrated to build this…

What?s the meebo repeater and is it safe?

The meebo repeater can only access, so unlike other proxies that give anyone access to any site from your computer, the meebo repeater can only be used for chatting. Also, the meebo repeater supports SSL and non-SSL so you don?t have to worry about anyone reading your IMs.The repeater is also fully open source and built on top of rinetd which has received many years of testing. And if we ever find a critical bug, we can disable all of the repeaters remotely and ask everyone to upgrade.

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