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My snapshot gallery contains almost 4k images and it’s really getting a bit slow. Gallery2 sucks even more on my server, so I’m considering moving snapshots to Flickr. I upgraded to a pro account and found this gallery2flickr script, it didn’t quite work out of the box, but of course after 15 minutes of hacking I got it to work… At least I was able to transfer a random album from my snapshot gallery to flickr. Basically I switched to their new API authentication method, now it goes to flickr and asks for permissions. When you setup your API key, point the callback URL to auth.php

Instead of installing the script to the albums directory I installed it to my base gallery installation directory, this is because my albums tree isn’t really accessable from the web.

Here’s the modified version of go.php if interested, obviously, I’ve taken out the API and secret keys.

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  3. Mark

    Thank you so much for making this mod and publishing it! I spent about 10 hours trying the old script, giving up, migrating to G2, trying the gallery2flickr module, giving up, going back to the g1 script, etc. I’m now migrating to flickr…


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