Treo 700p

Treo 700p Overview

  • Dual band CDMA 2000 EvDO radio
  • 128MB non-volatile memory (60MB user available); 2GB and up SD card support
  • Intel XScale 312 MHz processor
  • 320 x 320 color TFT Screen
  • Palm OS 5.4.9
  • 1.3-megapixel digital camera (1280×1024 resolution)
  • Built-in Bluetooth®1.2 wireless technology (A2DP not available)
  • Extend EvDO speeds to your laptop using DUN
  • Innovative phone features
  • Enhanced award-winning Blazer 4.5 web browser
  • Rich multimedia capabilities for streaming music, video and more
  • Enhanced email -wireless access to Outlook, Yahoo!, AOL, and Gmail
  • Supports native Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, and PDF viewing on the go >> Stories >> Hardware >> Palm Reveals Treo 700p Smartphone

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