Built a MY06 MCS

So we’re selling our MINI tomorrow, it will be a very sad day for us. But life goes on, and I’ve just built another one online, it’s pretty much the same car with the following exceptions:

  • Limited Slip Differential (LSD), oh yeah baby, gotta have LSD!!!!
  • price hike, damn, MCS’ are not cheap now, a reasonably-optioned one costs almost as much as an Evo9 RS, and there is no question which one I would prefer for myself!! a new one that is spec’ed similarly costs more than $2k more than what we paid 3 years ago
  • getting the Sport Pack items a la carte; so we can get 16″ wheels instead of 17″, this is to save weight, and 17″ rims and Run Flat tires don’t go well with San Francisco roads. We can also skip the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), I definitely do not want it, as it’s annoying as hell, I turn it off almost every single time. But we might add the DSC just for resale as most people would prefer having it than not
  • I’m adding the Cold Weather Pack (CWP); heated seats and mirrors would be nice for San Francisco
  • Rear fog will come from factory instead of DIY’ing it
  • I’ll get the armrest from Classic MINI and install that myself

Most likely we’re going to wait for the MY07 cars to roll out, but we might not line up for the very first batch as I am worried about reliability with the amount of design (and motor) changes from 06 to 07. I know the MY06 MINIs will be damn reliable for sure, but we had owned one already, and it’s already May, by the time she completely settled in the city the MY07 models will be available.

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