Information leak at McCombs?

Got this email, not sure why, and I’m not sure if it’s for real, it was PGP-signed but I didn’t verify… They used a rather ancient version of PGP, GnuPG does support it, but I don’t care enough to add their key and verify…

maybe I requested some information for their MBA program and got on their mailing list… This isn’t the first time UT leaked student information…


From: President William Powers Jr.
Subject: McCombs School of Business security breach
Date: April 25, 2006

A serious breach of security has been discovered in the primary
administrative information system at the McCombs School of Business at
The University of Texas at Austin. This system contains 197,000
individual records, and many but not all, contain Social Security
numbers. Among those in the system are Business School alumni, students
(including students who have taken a few courses or one course at
McCombs), admissions applicants, present and former faculty and staff,
and corporate recruiters. I write to inform you that your record is
contained in the breached McCombs system.

At least 106,000 individual records containing names and Social Security
numbers were accessed (downloaded) by the intruder. If you are a current
McCombs faculty or staff member, initial analysis indicates you are
included in this number. If you are a current McCombs student or
alumnus, there is a very high probability you are included. We are less
certain about the risk to others affiliated with McCombs.

Rather than wait for additional analysis to determine the extent of your
risk, we advise you today to take precautions immediately to protect
your credit. The University strongly recommends that you place a “fraud
alert” on your file with the three major credit bureaus. Instructions
for placing the no-charge fraud alerts, and other information about the
security breach can be found on the special Web site,

You will be receiving additional communication from the University that
clarifies which, if any, information about you was obtained by the
intruder. Please do not wait for our follow-up communication to take

If you have questions or concerns not covered in the above Web site,
please contact the University via email to
or by calling 475-9020 (local Austin number) or 866-657-9400
(toll-free). Our help desk is open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through

Please know that the University is committed to doing everything it can
to ensure the security of any personal information received from you,
and to working vigorously with law enforcement authorities to identify
and prosecute those responsible for this intrusion.

Version: 2.6.2


To determine the authenticity of this message, please see

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