Shops I plan to hit when I’m in NYC next weekend

It sucks that SuperFuture is down at the moment, as there was a thread with a list of streetwear and denim shops already. I don’t have the NYC SuperMaps either, which sucks big time, I knew I should’ve downloaded them to my phone…

Anyway, this is basically what I’ve got planned, I only have about 4 hours to do this so I need to do it the TSP way… 🙂 Good thing they are all around SoHo.

  • Supreme NYC, to pick up some tees and hoodies, I wonder if they still got the SS06 Kate Moss tee, if they did I’ll cop a few and eBay them
  • BWS for tees and hoodies, I don’t think I’d buy anything from them though, way too hyped up
  • Uniqlo, for regular streetwear
  • APC to check out the sizing for the military-style/M65-like jacket
  • Jack Spade to see if they got any loopwheeler tees and hoodies left, but most likely I will have to use a shopping service like celga or juno in Japan to get them

If I got time:

Here’s my attempt at using the Google Maps API, I didn’t have time to figure out how to link the above text to move/center/zoom the GMap2… 😆 btw, this doesn’t show up in NetNewsWire, and probably not other RSS readers either, so view this entry in a browser that is supported by Google Maps…

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