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  1. seoulfully

    i’ve had english cut on my personal blogroll for awhile. i’ve learned a ton about bespoke. the guy, thomas, actually makes like semi annual trips to the US for fittings, etc if you wanted a saville row quality (though not from a saville rowe house) bespoke suit. probably a little cheaper too. i never took notice of all the fine details (how to pick fabrics, if you provide or he does, etc) bc even if it were discounted by half, i probably couldn’t really afford (nor should i at this point) a bespoke suit. besides, if i got one, that’d be it. how could i EVER be satisfied with a RTW or even MTM suit after that? though more than bespoke suits, i want some bespoke shirts! and a little below bespoke suits, bespoke shoes… mmmmmm…. damnit, what is the powerball and megamillion jackpots up to? i need to play some numbers! haha


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