more on iPod Hi-Fi sound quality

This is what iLounge had to say in their brief review:

iPod Hi-Fi High-Fidelity Speaker System for iPod | First Look

Audio quality? We don?t ever like to comment on this until we?ve done straight comparisons, but it was evident in each of Apple?s four demo rooms that the Hi-Fi is capable of revealing flaws in compressed audio – good for audiophiles, perhaps less so for average people or those accustomed to iTunes Music Store downloads. Apple claims to have focused tremendous energy on getting the stereo soundstaging and spacialization right, as well as eliminating distortion at top (room-filling) volume. We?ll have more to say on this in the days to come.

Damn! Color me impressed! If this thing is good enough to reveal compression artifacts, I’ll probably be getting one! my pod is Apple Lossless, and my current solution; iTunes over ethernet to Airport Express, and optical to Toslink input of my Onkyo receiver and to my HTIB speakers, doesn’t really sound all that good. Well, for $400 at Fry’s the HTIB system is good enough for movies, but definitely not good enough for music. I guess the fact that I’ve accustomed to how the tracks sound with my Sensaphonics IEMs doesn’t help…

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