Ferrari Driving Experience

This might be fun, Circuit Mont Tremblant, a former F1 circuit, looks like a lot of fun, and from the circuit map it seems quite high-speed, Not sure if I could get up to the F430 top speed of 196mph, but probably at least 160mph or so. The school is extremely overpriced though, but then you get to drive an F-car, and doesn’t look like they offer F430’s with clutch pedals. *sigh*

For the price I’d rather go to Skip Barber 3 times!!

The FERRARI DRIVING EXPERIENCE puts you behind the wheel of a Ferrari led by professional instructors who share the Ferrari passion for a unique driving experience. With a fleet of 12 brand new Ferrari F430s you will learn how to master the skills necessary to handle a 490hp Ferrari.
During this two and a half day experience, you will learn various driving techniques including threshold braking, weight transfer, managing acceleration, as well as finding the ideal apex point on curves and discovering the limits of vehicle adhesion in both wet and dry driving situations.

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